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Residential and Business.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Don't trust inexperienced technicians with removing viruses and spyware from your system.

Many technicians claim to be able to remove viruses and spyware properly from your system, however you run the risk of loosing or corrupting your data. It is important to bring your system to a reputable shop that has experience with virus and spyware removal in order to make sure your data is safe. We specialize in virus and spyware removal, and make sure that any and all of your data stays protected during virus removal. Call us today for a quote on virus and spyware removal.

Xbox, PS3, Wii, Cell Phone, and Tablet Repair

We specialize in repairs of all game systems, cell phones, and tablets. We have been distributing parts for game systems, tablets and cell phones via our other company The Gamers Fix for several years. As such we have all parts in stock for a speedy repair. Also since we get all our parts directly from the manufacture, we can offer you the best prices.

Parts and Installation Help.
For those that are more technical we offer the best pricing on parts for computers, laptops, xbox, ps3, tablets, iphones and ipads. Also there is no need to wait for shipping as all parts are carried in house at one of our two locations in Ocala, FL. You can either order online at The Gamers Fix or call us directly to pick up the part.

Computer Networking And Consulting

We are experienced with both small and large networks. Also we are able to setup and configure new networks. We are able to run new wire through out buildings and homes as well. As today about our networking services.

Network Support

We can diagnose and repair any network setup, ranging from basic home installations to large business installations. Call us today to find out more about our services.

Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

We specialize in new server installation, or existing server maintained. It is important to make sure your existing server is working correctly and backing up as needed. So that when disaster strikes, you are prepared.


For Immediate Onsite or Remote Support

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We offer on site service at an affordable price for both residential and business customers. Ask today about our affordable business services.

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Remote Computer Assistance & Online Pc Computer Tech Support

We offer remote assistance on all our new and used computer systems. Also we offer remote assistance for a lot issues you may be experiencing. Simply contact us to set up a remote sessions request.

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